FlutterFace Designs is the artistic expression of prolific American artist, Mike Green.

Each "FlutterFace" depicts a subject or design that is replicated, overlaid, and multiplied into a geometric-kaleidoscopic pattern creating the illusion of a blossom, pinwheel, or repetition of colors and shapes that multiplies the beauty and appeal of the original subject.

No matter how common or rare the subject, FlutterFace Designs makes it ever-more artistically intriguing by replicating colors, shapes, and patterns that transform the original subjects into illusions of abstract yet familiar patterns resembling flower blossoms.

Whatever your interest or obsession, there is a FlutterFace Design for you. FlutterFace Designs are highly collectible and priced conscientiously with the consumer in mind.

Designs are printed on high quality lustre photo paper with a smooth non-glare surface that is highly resistant to smudges and fingerprints. Realistic colors and flesh tone reproductions are combined with a lower contrast appearance that enhances the texture of your photos

Special requests and commissioned work are encouraged and accepted via the contact page or by emailing the artist at flutterfacedesigns@gmail.com

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